Mrs. Mr. Goel are one of the greatest people whom i have met across in my life. They are not only the selfless givers but also the mentors of my life. At every step of our life, we come cross such Gurus / Teacher who devote their entire life in the enlightenment of students like us. For sure, Guru's / teachers’ definition can’t be limited to a subject teacher because anyone who guides you in your life is a teacher. They are very sweet and very expreienced couples. They properly dedicate their time to the student.Thanks for being my teacher and guiding me towards the right path of life. I am grateful to you Couple! They identified my problems (Anger & Lazyness) and resolved them during my sessions at their class. Still i have to work on that problems. I have seen this couple for 1 and half month during my sessions, whenever Mrs. Goel interrupts (definitely to ellaborate the sentence or to explain in depth) at that time Mr. Goel feels more enthusiatic and continue her statement by saying "as rightly she said" - This shows their chemistry & understanding. And they both want that the student should not be mis guided with less knowledge. I have achieved some great general knowledge from this couple.

I’m lucky to have met you both through Spark Personality Development.
I still vividly recall meeting both of you for the first time and knowing that the many years of experience that you have in teaching, counseling and enhancing personality would help bring out the very best in me. Your love, affection and warmth in addition to your dynamic curriculum bring a guaranteed positive change in your students. You teach each of your students to be the very best they were born to be and help us in that journey by being our patient mentors. Growth is a life-long journey and having teachers like you make it an enjoyable one.

Moulding, mentoring, grooming lives. Opening YOU to yourself  in a simple humble yet a powerful charismatic way. At SPARK you meet yourself-your real SELF, through the team of two warm evolved  individuals- Mr Suresh & Mrs  Leela  Goel.With 15 years as an Academician, two grownup children & a loving husband, at 43 I was yearning for novelty. And at Spark I rediscovered MYSELF! Today, I am more optimistic & confident and working towards my personal & professional goals with new vigour. I am grateful to Mr Suresh Goel ,whom we all lovingly call our -Chief and Mrs Goel for making a difference in my and other thousands of  lives It’s a life long relationship to be cherished & benefitted from I wish SPD all the very BEST.

The course will place you in a fantastic vehicle and take you on an amazing ride through your life exploring each and every alley, nook,corner, the highways and the expressways. Chief and Ma'am will poke you, probe you and pinch you till you reach places you thought not possible.Don't look at it as personality development, but as a way to where you wanna be.

I am a B.Sc in Hospitality studies, from Mumbai.
I wanted a complete revamp in my Personality. I heard about SPD and came to change my life and future.
I will never regret my decision as I am so sure about my self and what this training has taught me. To live and let live…… S… P… A…R…K… has taught me that S= Self Esteem; P= Positivity; A= Attitude; R= Resolutions; K=Knowledge. I wish Mr. Suresh Goel (Chief) and Mrs. Leela Goel (Mam) of SPD to carry on with this wonderful and extremely effective training program for one and all….

Dear Friends,
My name is Vinay Vora. I am 49 years old. I have a Bsc. In Chemistry, an M.S. in Computer Science from New York, USA. I am having a total working
expereince of 17+ years in Software Engineering

We Have trained Executives from, Citibank, Wipro, Micro Ingram, Infosys, Sterling and Wilson, IBD India, Antraweb, Bureau VERITAS, TCS, Ranbaxy, L&T InfoTech, TATA Capital Housing Finance Limited, Percept, Coconut Software Pvt. Ltd., HSBC, Grant Thornton, ThyssenKrupp Elevator(India ), HDFC bank, Indian Oil Corporation Limited ,State Street Bank (U.S.A.), Sandoz India Limited to name a few...

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