Spark Personality Development (SPD) has been the institution that has taught me how to enlighten the spark within ourself. SPD is the temple that enlightens amongst us the positive approach, self esteem, never give up attitude even under the most difficult circumstances/challenges of life. But With SPD - "Yes, I can do it !!"
Chief & Leela Madam left no stone unturned to transform my personality and Today I can see the positive results of the same within me. God gave me a golden opportunity to transform my personality under the guidance and teaching of Chief & Leela Madam and I am always thankful to them for nurturing a right Personality within me.

Advanced personality development is very effective and value for money course. Chief is a philosopher, guide and life coach. He will completely change your view towards life and your work. Also, Chief and Goel Mam gave me very important tips for working at an overseas office. I will definitely recommend this course.

My experience at SPD was very good. Chief and Leela ma'am helped me to build my self confidence and esteem and also made me a better version of myself.

After completing personality development course at Spark, I would like to share my views/my experience as under:
SPD is institution which involves in shaping student’s personality by recognizing their individual needs based on one to one discussions. It has helped me immensely by identifying the area for strengthening in my personality and preparing action plan for the same.
I am thankful to Mr & Mrs Goel both for adding so much value in my life which has started showing results in my professional as well as personal life.

SURESH GOEL is the largest search engine of India.
It has rated SPARK PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT as the Finest Training Institute in PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT, in Thane(Mumbai), Maharashtra, India.

Dear Friends,
I am Manisha Silelan I have learnt the best & important part of my life from “SPARK” which is “Confidence”.
I went to SPARK to eradicate my fear and hesitation in Public Speaking.
I am truly blessed by God and Spark that today I can speak without any fear or hesitation.
Hats off to this wonderful team of Mr. and Mrs. Goel who makes their student the best person.
SPARK has made a very soft and special corner in my heart which will be there with me forever.

Dear Friends,
My name is Vinay Vora. I am 49 years old. I have a Bsc. In Chemistry, an M.S. in Computer Science from New York, USA.I am having a total working
expereince of 17+ years in Software Engineering I have lived for a total
of 8+ years in USA of which I worked in a company for 5 + years. I faced a
difficult time overseas and was devastated due to the expereince overseas.
I left the seven shores & came back to my motherland India to gain lots
of peace. I came to meet Mr Suresh Goel and sought his help. I enrolled in his Advanced Personality Development Course. He gave me lots of positive, good advice, mentored me and took me in as his friend and pupil. After the 1st session with Mr. Goel I felt an increased Self Confidence, Self Esteem, After subsequent sessions with Mr. Goel I took giant strides in self
development. I became a changed person very fast indeed. I am now a Senior Sofwtare Engineering manager of Software Engineering in Mumbai. I have left the seven shores of overseas forever. Thank You Chief.(Mr Suresh Goel). You are truly a Miracle worker. May you please continue to be a Guiding Light to the youngsters of our country and all over the world. May God Bless You Sir(Mr. Suresh Goel, Chief,) Your Wife. & Spark Personality Development.

BMM(Advertising ) graduate
Diploma in Film Making
(a freelance writer and a budding filmmaker)

SPARK the name says it all. It helps an INDIVISUAL to get a spark in himself in order to realize their potential and empower their weakness. Chief as we call him helped us in the above-mentioned area, not only as a professor who teaches but also like a guide who is with you forever even after your classes with him are over. If asked about experience with him I wouldn’t be able to comment because my journey with him and spark has always been lovely, helpful and of course because its never ending as the sessions are interactive, practical, goal oriented and emotional too. Once a SPARK STUDENT ITS TILL ETERNITY.

A professional course with a very personal touch. In the  process of teaching all the professional necessities, Spark also helps one introspect and understand oneself as to why one behaves the way he does.
Which is very essential to overcome one's problems and fears effectively. I personally started benefiting and saw results in myself from the very second day and it has ever since been a turning point for me.

SPD happened to be a sweet memorable and most important INSPIRATIONAL ACCIDENT to me. It was like GOD has sent his messenger through “CHIEF” just for me…It completely formatted my brain from the core and a NEW REFINED Nikita is here…full of positivity!!! DO GOOD ANYWAY!! MR. and MRS. GOEL make a great combo in moulding our life to a right direction! Guys I tell you, You must experience these wonderful people. It’s the next HOME for every SPD student!

My experience with SPD was truly rewarding and enlightening. My complete Visa interview training and training for my stay in the US as well as Advanced Personality was taken by Chief (Mr. Goel). I received the Visa against all odds and also I am very happy and satisfied with the personality training, It has helped me to be evolved as a better person. The passion and the efforts Mr. & Mrs. Goel (Chief n Mam) put in our training is truly commendable. The love and care with which the handle each student without discriminating is something I liked a lot. They treat each student as family and the relation does’nt end there even if you finish your training. I would recommend SPD to any person of any age or stature, this course is something which will change your life forever and for the better. Thank you Chief Thank you Mam a lot...

My experience with SPD was an enriching one, both Mr. & Mrs. Goel have become family now. The lessons that I learned from this institute actually were tough to digest but the way Mr, Goel taught & explained them with his practical examples they all become very simple. Let it be Goal setting, Time management, Body language etc all these things completely changed me. The best part was the Interview Skills that sir taught it took out all the fear that I had beneath me regarding Interviews. I Thank you Sir & Madam for changing my life.

Dear Friends,
My name is Vinay Vora. I am 49 years old. I have a Bsc. In Chemistry, an M.S. in Computer Science from New York, USA. I am having a total working
expereince of 17+ years in Software Engineering
We Have trained Executives from, Citibank, Wipro, Micro Ingram, Infosys, Sterling and Wilson, IBD India, Antraweb, Bureau VERITAS, TCS, Ranbaxy, L&T InfoTech, TATA Capital Housing Finance Limited, Percept, Coconut Software Pvt. Ltd., HSBC, Grant Thornton, ThyssenKrupp Elevator(India ), HDFC bank, Indian Oil Corporation Limited ,State Street Bank (U.S.A.), Sandoz India Limited to name a few...
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